№ 515

№ 515

Precision Turntable

Hear what you’ve been missing

Designed to bring out the absolute best in your vinyl collection, the № 515 will transport you to the studio where the music was recorded. Every single detail of this high-end turntable has been engineered with superior technologies and beautiful custom features to create an excellent sound stage, engaging dynamics and pure audio playback that draws you in with each listen.


“The № 515 had honest bass response, clean and transparent mids, and delicate, sparkly highs. It was so addictively [musically] that I became obsessed with it during the review period. ”

“The № 515 had honest bass response, clean and transparent mids, and delicate, sparkly highs. It was so addictively [musically] that I became obsessed with it during the review period. ”

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First-class analog source designed for the Pure Phono stage found in the № 523, № 526 and № 585.5 preamplifiers
Custom gimbal-mounted, 3D-printed tonearm with integral headshell
Included Ortofon Cadenza Bronze moving coil phono cartridge (№ 515MC only)
Designed and handcrafted in the USA

Drive System

Integrated motor-drive electronics, comprising two low-distortion oscillators and a class-AB electronics
Optimized drive system with mechanically isolated enclosure and triple-belt drive
High-torque AC synchronous motor
Stainless steel shaft spinning in an inverted phosphor bronze bushing
Precision-machined pulley and triple-belt drive system

Chassis & Support

Highly damped, vinyl-wrapped MDF and aluminum sandwich main chassis
Machined Delrin and aluminum feet with a vibration-damping polymer core
Platter machined from solid aluminum with an MDF damping layer rotates on an inverted bearing
A deeper relationship with sound awaits.

A deeper relationship
with sound awaits.

Experience Mark Levinson for yourself.

№ 515 Exceptionally Quiet Design - Image

Exceptionally Quiet Design

To capture even the most subtle nuances of the recording and ensure you hear every note, the № 515’s high-torque AC synchronous motor is housed in a mechanically separate enclosure. This, combined with integrated motor electronics and a unique triple-belt drive system, keeps motor vibrations from entering the audio signal, so all that you hear is the record.

№ 515 3D-Printed Tonearm - Image

3D-Printed Tonearm

To protect your record collection and deliver optimal performance, the № 515 features a 3D-printed tonearm with integral headshell, a stainless-steel counterweight and discrete internal cartridge lead routing. Mounted to a rigid machined aluminum arm base, the tonearm can be easily adjusted to prevent your records from experiencing wear or damage.

№ 515 Uncompromised Support - Image

Uncompromised Support

To maintain the accuracy of the recording, the chassis of the № 515 is supported by aluminum, vibration-damping feet, each with a polymer core. The platter, machined from 18 pounds of solid aluminum, rotates on an inverted bearing that guarantees maximum rotational accuracy. As a result, the № 515 minimizes interference from external vibrations, so you hear nothing but your music.


№ 515 Purpose-Driven Design - Image

Purpose-Driven Design

The № 515 maintains the accuracy of each musical performance throughout your audio system, perfectly complementing Mark Levinson’s 500 Series preamplifiers and integrated amplifiers.

№ 515 Optional Phono Cartridge - Image

Optional Phono Cartridge

Ready to play. The № 515 is available with or without a factory-installed Ortofon Cadenza Bronze moving coil phono cartridge, specially selected by Mark Levinson engineers after hours of critical listening comparisons.

№ 515 Integrated Speed Control - Image

Integrated Speed Control

Enjoy quiet, stable playback whether you’re listening to LPs at 33 RPM or singles at 45 RPM thanks to two low-distortion analog oscillators and discrete, class-AB electronics.

Specs & Downloads

Item# NO515


№ 515

The № 515 is a premium turntable designed with superior technologies and craftsmanship to deliver unique features, performance, and appearance. The № 515 is the first turntable worthy of the Mark Levinson® name. World Class Synergy o achieve the stunning design and performance of the № 515, Mark Levinson partnered with VPI Industries, renowned for turntable innovations and exceptional build quality. The № 515 Turntable is handcrafted in the USA to meet the exacting demands of the engineers and designers at Mark Levinson. Unrivaled Build Quality The № 515 is based on a highly damped vinyl-wrapped composite and aluminum sandwich main chassis. The chassis is supported by machined Delrin and Aluminum Mark Levinson feet with a vibration-damping polymer core. The solid Aluminum platter rotates on an inverted bearing, which employs a hardened stainless steel shaft spinning in a phosphor bronze bushing for maximum rotational accuracy. Optimized Drive System The powerful high torque AC synchronous motor is mounted to a separate vinyl-wrapped composite and Aluminum sandwich chassis and housed in its own mechanically isolated enclosure. A precision-machined pulley and triple belt drive system provide smooth, quiet operation. A custom-designed, low-distortion analog oscillator and discrete, class AB power amplifier deliver pristine power to the synchronous motor, while integrated electronic speed control delivers accurate 33 and 45 RPM operation at the push of a button. Custom Features The № 515 features a gimbal-mounted, 3D-printed tonearm with integral headshell, stainless steel counterweight, and discrete internal cartridge lead routing. The tonearm is mounted to a rigid machined Aluminum arm base featuring a precision calibrated vertical tracking angle with on the fly adjustment. The Mark Levinson “knob inspired” stainless steel record weight and felt platter mat ensure maximum stability of playback. First Class Analog Source Created for the discriminating analog music lover, the № 515 is the perfect complement to the Pure Phono stage included in the № 526 and № 523 preamplifiers. The № 515 turntable will be available either with or without a factory installed moving coil phono cartridge.

General Specifications

Power Requirements
100-120 or 220-240VAC, 50-60Hz; factory set 40W maximum
Wow and Flutter
Dimensions (H x W x D)
7.9” x 21” x 15.9” (200 x 533 x 404mm)
58 lbs (26kg) net; 76 lbs (34kg) with packaging

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